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What my clients say..

"Since doing Finance Training, our profitability has improved, we have paid off our overdraft, and in the last 3 months we are in profit, where previously we were creating revenue without real profit. I realised I was losing $600k+ before looking at my finances this way and I saved $90k this year, after being in business for 15 years with my accountant telling me I have made money, whilst my bank account was empty."


Owner of An

Architecture Firm

"Jem is very easy to work with, we seem to always be on the same page. Jem opened our eyes to better the efficiency of the business and streamline our processes and staff.


This has played a vital part in the increased revenue, profitability and overall customer and staff satisfaction.


I refer anyone I know who's having difficulty with their business to Jem."

Jon Hibbard


Hibbard Homes

"I now have key insights and knowledge to help make the company viable and profitable. The workshop is very logical and practical, it would be very beneficial to anyone struggling with the finance side of their business."

Nyache Taccori

Owner of Rope Access Technicians

"Since working with Jem my life and business have gotten so much easier. Before I was overwhelmed, now I am focused and excited for my company's goals.


I never even imagined the goals I have already achieved as possible, but with Jem's coaching I know anything is possible."


Jess Cornwall


InTele Training

"It helped me start to look at my business through a very different lens. Unless you have a dedicated CFO, it is an integral set of skills that are needed to see a company grow into financial strength."

Paul Geshos

Owner of Mecca Coffee Roasters

"I have had the pleasure of working with Jem Graham for 10 years, during that time Jem has helped us in many areas of the business to get our planning, structure and procedures to a position where we are able to grow and enjoy our work.


Jem is passionate about getting businesses organised and will do the hard work required to get the job done. I believe she genuinely cares and wants to see others be successful without working themselves into the ground. So many people have great ideas for a product but don’t have the ability to get a group to successfully achieve the goals of the business - Jem has those skills and can help you, your staff and your business thrive."

Stewart Mahony

Global General Manager


"When we implement everything we have learned from the workshop it will have a huge impact, I would even say solve half of our problems. If you want to get better in your finances or you have financial issues, I highly recommend this workshop."

Charlie Krasl

Owner of Goodbye Junk

"Working with Jem has had a massive positive effect on the business since we begun over 12 months ago and I can see the positive impact continuing into the future as we continue the relationship. We are a successful and viable business that now has the fundamentals to succeed and grow further. You will learn about your business, the good and the bad and understand where it is in all aspects of business, financial, systems, process, basic structure and why it is this way and have fun in the process of making it better or fixing problems, to ultimately have a successful viable business.
Nick Hatz
Business Owner
Energize Express Gym

past clients results


Revenue Growth

Hibbards Homes experienced a 38% growth in revenue in less than 1 year since working with  Jem Graham.


Revenue Growth

Turbosmart experienced revenue growth between 28% - 35% year on year 6 years running.


Profit Growth

InTele Training experienced 13% profit growth after commencing consulting services with Jem Graham.

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