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Financial Power Workshop

See exactly how business owners are taking back their financial power and attaining solvency, stability and profitability in abundance.

Learn the viewpoints, frameworks, and tools you need to be fully in control of your business’s finances and never be controlled by money again.


Conducted by Jem Graham, Business Consultant with 13+ years of experience helping multi-million dollar businesses.

Jem Graham Business Consultant Financial Power Workshop

Is this workshop
for you?

Do you feel like you are making money but it all seems to disappear into thin air?


Are you making enough profit?


Is cash flow stressing you out?


Are you worried you aren't making the right financial choices?


How would you like to be in control of your business finances forever?

Would you like to know how to:

  • increase profit and reduce expenses

  • calculate and plan exactly how to achieve your targets

  • calculate which clients and markets bring in the most profit

  • calculate your break-even point to ensure you have priced your products or services correctly

  • calculate the production of your employees so you know when to hire

  • manage cash flow so you are never stressed


If you answered YES to any of the above enter your details below. 

What you'll learn

Workshop Highlights

  • The Nature of Money

  • Expenses vs. Return

  • Costing and Capacity

  • Staff True Financial Cost

  • How To Get the Most from your Team

  • The Secrets to Solvency & Viability

  • How to Increase Sales & Income

  • Income Pools Analysis

  • Vital Financial Reporting

  • Key Financial Terms Defined

  • Business Owners' Role with Finance and more!

5 star rating for all previous attendees, here's what they said..

"Since doing Finance Training, our profitability has improved, we have paid off our overdraft, and in the last 3 months we are in profit, where previously we were creating revenue without real profit. I realised I was losing $600k+ before looking at my finances this way and I saved $90k this year, after being in business for 15 years with my accountant telling me I have made money, whilst my bank account was empty."

- Jane, Owner of An Architecture Firm

"I now have key insights and knowledge to help make the company viable and profitable. The workshop is very logical and practical, it would be very beneficial to anyone struggling with the finance side of their business."

- Nyache, Owner of Rope Access Technicians

"It helped me start to look at my business through a very different lens. Unless you have a dedicated CFO, it is an integral set of skills that are needed to see a company grow into financial strength."

- Paul, Owner of Mecca Coffee Roasters

"When we implement everything we have learned from the workshop it will have a huge impact, I would even say solve half of our problems. If you want to get better in your finances or you have financial issues, I highly recommend this workshop."

- Charlie, Goodbye Junk

Whats included..

You'll get..

  • 2 day Workshop with expert business consultant

  • Income Analysis Report Template

  • Financial Planning Spreadsheet Template

  • Metrics Spreadsheet & Graphs Template

  • Financial Power Quote & Work Books

  • Financial Power Action Plan Template


Bravo! You are one step closer to financial power. Jem will be in touch shortly.

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